If you’re like most people, you find that you have to shave at least one area of your body on a daily basis in an attempt to keep it smooth and free of hair. Unfortunately, regular shaving is bad for your skin; it can lead to redness, irritation, and even the dreaded and painful razor bump. If you’re tired of shaving and all the hassles that come along with it, maybe it’s time to give waxing a try.

Facial Waxing

Are you embarrassed by unsightly hair on your upper lip or elsewhere on your face? If so, then waxing is probably your best bet; unfortunately, shaving fine facial hair can only make it grow back thicker and more pronounced. With our lip and chin waxing, however, you can make sure that the hair is eliminated at its root, which means you can enjoy your results longer. We also offer brow waxing to help you achieve that perfect arch.

Bikini Waxing

What about those sensitive areas, such as the bikini line and beyond? If you’ve ever attempted to shave these areas on your own, then you probably know just how unpleasant the experience can be; things get even more uncomfortable when the hair starts to grow back. Fortunately, with our bikini waxing services, you can get rid of that unwanted hair and feel confident in even the most showing of bikinis. We also offer PlayBoy and Rio waxes, depending on your tastes.

Arms, Legs, & More

And for all those other areas of the body that you’re tired of shaving, we’ve got you covered there as well. From leg and arm waxing to back waxing and everything in between, our professionals know how to treat you right. We even offer chest waxing for males who want to experiment with a smooth chest.

No matter what kind of waxing you need, Wild Hair Company Salon & Day Spa has the expertise and tools needed to make it happen. The next time you’re in the High Desert or Apple Valley area, give us a call to set up an appointment; we’d be happy to see you.

Our High Desert expert hair team will carry out in-depth consultations free of charge to assess your hair and any style changes before your appointment.


Lip or Chin$15
Brow, Lip, Chin$30
Full Face$45
½ Arm$40
Full Arm$50
Full Leg$60